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Simple and Effective

We met Phi Cosmeceutical at the very beginning of their brand journey, when founders Julia and Adele came to us with their concept for a beautifully effective skincare range. 

The Phi founders wanted to develop a brand, website, and product packaging that reflected the simplicity and effectiveness of their products, and stood out from the rest of their industry. It was important to Phi that their products looked at home in any bathroom and were beautiful enough to sit on the countertop, instead of being hidden away in a drawer. 

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We began by developing the brand identity; we used black and white to create a striking minimalistic look and feel, and based the logo on the Greek letter Phi to represent the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is found throughout nature, and is often used in design to create a sense of balance, harmony, and beauty. With their powerfully effective product, Phi Cosmeceutical aim to be the Golden Ratio of skincare, enhancing their customers’ natural beauty and bringing balance back to their skin. 

The product packaging is clean and bold, with no excessive text to distract from the product or overwhelm consumers. The simplicity of the packaging design also helps Phi to reduce their production costs and pass this saving on to their customers. Over time, we have added to our five original designs as Phi continue to grow their product range.

The simplicity of the brand and packaging is carried through in the website, which was designed to stand out in a sea of clinical, medically styled competitor sites. The website lays out a clear customer journey, supported by elegant page design and striking black and white photography. As Phi grew, their website grew with them; over time, we added ecommerce functionality and integrated laybuy payment provider Humm. 

The Solution:

  • A brand identity that represents the simplicity, beauty, and effectiveness of the Phi Cosmeceutical product range.

  • Product packaging that looks beautiful in any bathroom.

  • A clean, compelling website with full ecommerce functionality and Humm integration.

  • Brand and design support that grows with Phi Cosmeceutical’ business, with the right solutions at the right time.

  • Ongoing planning and strategic support to support the long term goals of the business. 

phi cosmeceutical owners adele and julia

“That mirrored the precision and thoughtfulness that goes into the studio’s architectural design work.”