Community, Authenticity, Leadership and Positivity


Property Council New Zealand

Project Update:

September 2023

SERVICES: Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Community & Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing Strategy, Omnichannel Campaign Design & Execution


Development of a brand collection that maintains their unique identity

Refreshed visual identity and brand positioning

New brand identity integrated into the organisation's culture and external communications

Property Council New Zealand (PCNZ) embarked on a transformative journey to refresh its brand identity, aligning with their updated organisational values: Community, Authenticity, Leadership, and Positivity. The challenge was not only to modernise their visual identity but also to infuse these core values into every facet of their brand and communications.

The internal unveiling was an immersive experience achieved by creating a welcome pack for the PCNZ team, comprising a ceramic cup, a notebook, and redesigned business cards, all embodying the new brand ethos. This gesture was more than a mere introduction; it symbolised the dawn of a new era at PCNZ, one that was deeply rooted in inclusivity and engagement.

To extend the brand's reach and impact, PCNZ tasked us with developing a cohesive brand collection for their industry events. It was crucial that each event maintained its unique identity yet echoed the overarching narrative of diversity celebration, dynamic leadership, and community connection. Our approach was centred on the universal human desire for connection, crafting gender- and culture-neutral spaces through the use of dynamic graphic elements that invited inclusivity and dialogue.

Highlighting the series were the Property Industry Awards and the Property People Awards, each designed with boldness and a deep sense of community at their core. We infused the branding with regional colour palettes and motifs that reflected the rich tapestry of Aotearoa's landscapes and cultural heritage, from the oceanic blues of the City of Sails to the rosy hues of the Southern sunsets. These designs weren't just visually striking; they told the story of the land and its people, celebrating the industry's diversity and vibrancy.

Our efforts also brought to life the Retail Conference and the Green Property Summit brands, each serving as a catalyst for conversation and sustainable action. The Retail Conference's branding featured a stylised speech bubble, a nod to the summit's objective to ignite future-shaping discussions. Meanwhile, the Green Property Summit's design, with its connected semicircles and refreshing palette, was a call to environmental stewardship, embodying PCNZ's commitment to kaitiakitanga.

This comprehensive rebranding and event branding initiative successfully repositioned PCNZ at the heart of New Zealand's property industry, not just as a leader but as a unifier, celebrating the guardianship and community spirit that defines their work. Through our strategic and thoughtful design approach, we didn't just update PCNZ's image; we helped them weave a new narrative that resonated with their values, mission, and the people they serve, laying the groundwork for a future where every member feels truly connected and empowered.