A brand to reflect the space.



Project Update:

January 2024

SERVICES: Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Website


Brand identity and strategy

Refreshed visual identity and brand positioning

Innovative content & communication strategy and implementation

O Studio is a wellness centre in Christchurch, located at The Welder; a health & wellbeing complex. They provide services including Yoga, Massage, and much more. This project was undertaken by our team to develop a brand and identity with the goal of creating a space for focus, awareness, action, and acceptance.

The O-Studio space, designed by Establish Studio, has strategically utilised colour and materials to shift customers' emotional and physical states in each room, respectively.

The colours chosen for the brand are derived from the Māori creation story. Green represents Tāne Mahuta and symbolises determination, resilience, strength, and transformation.

Red represents Papatūānuku, the earth-mother, the sustainer of all living things, and symbolises nourishment, growth, emotion, intellect, and spiritual awareness. Earthy versions of these colours are used for their calm, warm energy.

The name O-Studio was inspired by the Japanese ‘Ensō’ symbolising enlightenment, strength, and the wholeness of the spirit. O-Studio is the space to work on and develop yourself.