Developing a strong place brand to bring together stakeholders, businesses and Cantabrians at The Centre Of It All.



Project Update:

September 2023

SERVICES: Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Community & Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing Strategy, Omnichannel Campaign Design & Execution


Refreshed visual identity and brand positioning

Innovative content & communication strategy and implementation

Two new websites, for internal and external audiences

Multiple omnichannel campaigns delivering increased engagement

CCBA (Central City Business Association) faced a significant challenge: despite its prime location in the heart of the city and that it operates on a nonprofit basis, it’s members were disengaged, and residents had developed new habits - spending more time in suburban areas post earthquakes, driving a lack of foot traffic and spend in Central City. To tackle this issue, we conducted extensive research, including surveys and focus groups with CCBA members and the local public, to identify barriers and develop a cohesive strategy.

Our objectives were twofold: first, to attract people, businesses, and developers to the Central City, and second, to increase member awareness and engagement with CCBA to better support them. We responded by creating a new promotional brand for the Central City, branding it as the "Centre Of It All," and crafting a comprehensive strategy to engage both audiences effectively.

Recognising the need for tailored communication, we revamped CCBA's online presence with two distinct websites and marketing approaches. One website, centred around the "Centre Of It All" brand, targets potential visitors with vibrant visuals and messaging, showcasing the city's energy and diverse offerings to entice exploration.

The second website and communication strategy caters to CCBA members, focusing on fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Here, members can access resources, advocate for their interests, and engage in local business initiatives, tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

Through implementing a strategy that targets both audiences, our goal is to boost frequent visitation to the central city and reinforce our community ties, fostering a stronger city. Leveraging cultural events, curated experiences, and creative campaigns, alongside a robust social media presence, we've cultivated a connected community where CCBA serves as a central voice and advocate.