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The Brief

New Zealand
Financial Planning

New Zealand Financial Planning was well-established in the financial services market, but needed to shift consumer perception of their brand. They asked Attraction Studio to refresh their brand identity and communications, moving the focus away from their role as a traditional service provider and emphasising their commitment to providing genuine, personalised service.

It was important to NZFP that their internal teams could connect with the new brand and feel comfortable and confident with the organisation’s developing identity.

The Process

Brand messaging that reflected their clients

We began by conducting digital market research, and holding a range of focus groups and workshops with NZFP staff and customers. We used the output of these sessions to develop key brand messaging that reflected the authentic relationships between NZFP and their clients.

Next, we refreshed the brand’s visual identity to communicate NZFP’s values of Celebrate Authenticity, Lead Through Example, It Takes A Lifetime, Earn Respect Through Humility, Happiness, and Together We Achieve More.

The new logo represents the partnerships formed between NZFP financial advisers and their clients. The logo is made up of two circles coming together, cropped into a forward-moving arrowhead; one circle represents the adviser, and the other represents the client.

The multiple-line motif references the many strands of peoples' lives and finances, and is woven through the brand collateral to illustrate the concept of an ongoing financial journey.

The Solution

A brand that tells a story, reflecting the organisation’s commitment to guiding everyday Kiwis to financial wellbeing.

A refreshed brand that reflects the NZFP values, connects with their current and future customers, and has the support and buy-in of their staff.

A website that showcases NZFP’s depth of experience and commitment to guiding their customers to financial wellbeing.

Collaboration with a workplace culture organisation to help our client internally communicate their refreshed purpose.

Office signage across four NZFP locations, plus portable event signage.

Personalised collateral for 20 financial advisers, including business cards, stationery, and Microsoft document and presentation templates.

Shared project management boards where the NZFP team can request new work and provide feedback on ongoing projects, empowering NZFP staff while retaining executive oversight on timeframes and budgets.

A customer-focused communications calendar and strategy.Ongoing social media and website content.