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Case Study

GSI Insurance


The Brief

Showcasing the strengths of an insurance innovator

GSI Insurance Partners have been helping Kiwis protect their livelihoods, farms and businesses since 2005. Their team of brokers have a passion for creating innovative, tailored insurance solutions - but this wasn’t reflected in their marketing. 

We worked with GSI to develop their brand positioning and a multi-channel campaign highlighting their unique approach and delivering measurable returns for their business.

The Process

Making a fresh statement in a traditional market

We developed a compelling mass media campaign to increase brand awareness in the high-priority commercial insurance market. Our positioning focused on the tailored aspect of GSI’s service offering, reflected in the ‘One Size Fits -One’ messaging. This campaign ran across multiple digital channels over an initial three-month period, with robust KPI tracking and regular reporting and maintenance.

In parallel with the campaign, we made ongoing updates to the GSI website to boost its SEO ranking and ensure the website content reflected the new positioning. 

The Results

Measurable results and nationwide growth

Over the initial three months of the campaign, GSI achieved:

  • 57% increase in qualified inbound leads.

  • 72% increase in organic brand name searches (233% of campaign goal).

  • 32% increase in average website session duration.