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The Brief

A Kiwi startup with a global challenge

Tourism startup Foodies Local Guides had a fantastic concept and business plan but needed support getting their business out there. Our challenge was to stand out in a crowded online tourism market, while showcasing a fresh concept in food tourism and connecting with the right audience.

As a global business Foodies had a massive pool of potential customers, but with such a wide customer base they weren’t sure where to start.

The Process

Defining an audience and delivering a strategy

We kicked things off with a brand workshop packed with questions to define Foodies’ vision, clarify their market offering, and understand their competitors and landscape. We came out of the workshop with everything we needed to develop a strong, consistent identity for Foodies.

The next step was putting their brand in front of the right audience. We took Foodies’ first destination - Vietnam - and got stuck into our market research, exploring which tourist groups regularly visited the country and identifying global regions that would love the Foodies concept. After extensive research, we decided to start with the Australian market - regular visitors to Vietnam with a taste for something new.

From there we developed an in-depth marketing strategy to communicate with the Aussie audience. We got to know them inside out, learning their preferred mediums and frequencies, and designing marketing messages that would connect and inspire across all platforms.

The first medium we focused on creating was a website. The Foodies team found their existing web platform too restrictive, so we kept the elements they liked - including the booking engine - and integrated this with a flash new site. We also took some of the hard work off their plate with automated forms and processes for their guide onboarding.

When Covid-19 hit and Foodies needed to pivot to offering Kiwi food tours, we helped them adapt their strategy to capture this new market.

The Solution

A clear, consistent brand identity which reflects the passion and innovation that went into the Foodies business.

A defined target audience, based on thorough market research.
A dynamic marketing strategy to connect with the Foodies audience, underpin all marketing activity, and grow and develop with the business.

A hybrid approach to marketing implementation - Foodies director Kerry is a DIY kinda guy, so we take care of the tricky stuff and Kerry does the rest!
A custom website which reflects the Foodies brand, appeals to their target market, and is ready to evolve and grow with their business.

New connections with the awesome folk at The Alternative Board for business strategy support - it’s all about who you know, and we love building local connections.

Support through Foodies’ pivot to targeting the domestic market for Covid-19.

“Bianca and the Attraction Studio team have been absolutely amazing, right from the word go. It was an amazing process because it made me delve into [the business] and think about it in smaller and finer details.”

— Kerry Ford, Foodies Local Guides