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Case Study

Arthouse Architects




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The Brief

Award-winning design work deserves a matching brand

Arthouse Architects create award-winning architectural solutions throughout New Zealand, working collaboratively with clients to design beautiful residential and commercial spaces.

The Arthouse Architects team came to Attraction Studio for a brand refresh and a new website. Since their initial inception, their practice and industry had evolved and their existing branding was no longer the right fit for the company. Director Jorgen Andersen was looking for a timeless, classic design that mirrored the precision and thoughtfulness that goes into the studio’s architectural design work.

Our brief was to create a clean, streamlined look and feel that reflected Arthouse Architects’ company culture and internal design standards. It was important to Jorgen that the brand remained approachable for new clients, while clearly showcasing the standard of the company’s design work.

The Process

Award-winning design work deserves a matching brand

Minimalistic, streamlined design: We combined bold typography with precise individual details to create a brand that reflects the design standards of the Arthouse Architects team. The new logo references the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that goes into their architectural design work, from the perfect circle of the O to the subtle roof profile in ‘Arthouse’. The use of black and white as the primary colours keeps the brand looking clean, allowing the architectural projects to take centre stage.

Elements of surprise and delight: Director Jorgen loves to incorporate elements of surprise and delight in his residential and commercial designs; these unexpected, unique features deliver a ‘wow’ moment for the client. We took the same approach with the website design, including out-of-the-ordinary elements - like the animated landing page preloader - while taking care not to disrupt the user experience. 

The site design is centred around the architectural project photography, supported by clear and concise written content. We included enough copy to introduce the business, but not so much that it distracts from the stunning project photography, or takes the focus away from Arthouse Architects’ design award-level work.

Combined creativity: We loved working in collaboration with the Arthouse Architects team to deliver their project! As they’re also in a creative industry they provided a clear design direction and plenty of thoughtful input throughout the process. Arthouse Architects occupy the studio space next door to Attraction Studio, leading to a very natural collaboration process as our team popped next door to review the latest creative element or idea.

The Solution

A fun, highly collaborative process between two creative teams.

A striking, consistent brand that reflects Arthouse Architects’ internal design standards: minimalistic, clean, and thoughtfully designed. 
Clear brand guidelines covering typography, use of photography, and much more, to enable the Arthouse Architects team to easily maintain their brand consistency across digital and printed assets.

An SEO-optimised website, designed to create a smooth user experience and showcase Arthouse Architects’ award-winning design work.
Refreshed business cards that continue the consistency of the refreshed brand.