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Case Study

Avenue Architectural



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The Brief

The blueprint for a refreshing new brand

Christchurch building company, Avenue Homes, regularly win national awards for their architectural construction projects - but this wasn’t reflected in their brand identity. Since their initial brand development, they had built a track record of excellence in commercial construction as well as residential projects, and their visual identity was no longer well-aligned to their target clients.

We were engaged to rebrand Avenue Homes as Avenue Architectural Builders and create a website that consistently presented the updated brand. It was important to our clients that they could easily update the website to add new awards and projects.

The Process

Updating the brand while honouring the past

Our work together started with a collaborative workshop to explore the existing brand identity, values, and voice. By redefining the business purpose and mission and reaffirming the brand values, we developed a written identity that honoured the legacy of Avenue Homes while setting a clear vision for the future of Avenue Architectural Builders.

The written identity formed the blueprint for Avenue Architectural Builders’ visual identity, developed over several iterations, with plenty of feedback and inspiration from our clients. We worked closely with the client to create a strong brand with an overall sense of continuity and evolution. The green colour palette was retained from the original Avenue Homes logo and has been refined to be more modern and more suitable for the architectural market.

The three upwards arrows in the icon form a classic house silhouette while symbolising growth and upward momentum and referencing the three owners of Avenue Architectural Builders. The shape of the icon reappears in the i’s of the logo. The font is bold and timeless, with minimal embellishment to avoid distracting from the name.

Unusually, the icon is the secondary feature in a logo where typography takes centre stage. We chose this direction to highlight the name change, ensuring that ‘Avenue Architectural Builders’ is the first impression for new and returning clients. The icon is used independently in other collateral and is presented more prominently when separated from the logo.

With the brand development finalised, we began work on a modern, photography-led website to act as Avenue Architectural Builders’ project portfolio. Our web development team worked closely with the brand designers to ensure the refreshed brand identity was consistently represented throughout the site.

To emphasise our client’s focus on bespoke construction projects, we incorporated unique elements into the site design. The header image pans in to add a point of interest and depth to the page, and the page layout breaks away from the traditional grid structure. The ‘broken grid’ concept was carried throughout the website, adding visual interest and a sense of confident individuality, without being distracting or off-putting.

We balanced advanced technical functionality with ease of use for our clients, giving them the flexibility to maintain their site while retaining the features to create a smooth user experience.

The Solution

The deliverables of a well-built brand

A brand identity that reflects Avenue Architectural Builders as they are today, while respecting the legacy of Avenue Homes.

A website that is consistent with the refreshed brand identity and showcases previous projects to potential clients and collaborators.

The client can easily update and edit their website as projects are completed, and new awards need to be added.

A refreshed brand identity document and style guide, which act as a blueprint for strong, consistent visual and written communications.  

Support for the client’s brand rollout, including updating existing collateral and providing technical social media support.