Attraction Studio is...

The creative powerhouse behind enviable Kiwi brands, driving strong commercial outcomes through compelling, strategic design and marketing. 

We attract the right people to our clients’ businesses, and put the right structures and services in place to help them to nurture and grow their customer relationships. We create value for brands and businesses by delivering the brand and marketing services they need to grow.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Mission


To create innovative, results-driven brand and marketing projects that help our clients’ businesses achieve their goals.


To work in genuine partnership with clients who share our values, ambition, and dedication to collaboration.


To remain a dedicated and fiercely supportive member of our local business community.


To continue to push ourselves, and our industry, to even greater creative heights.


To find the opportunity in every collaboration, and deliver results that truly stand above the rest.

Our Values

Our Values

Brand Personailty

Brand Personailty

We are… 


We are capable, confident, creative industry leaders. Our clients love our confidence, and our competitors need a change of undies.

Natural collaborators

We’re supportive, enthusiastic collaborators - both internally, and with our clients.

Lovers of creative freedom

We seize opportunities to innovate, and we create with passion and joy.

Trusted and Reliable

Being creative doesn’t mean being over-hasty, flaky, or flippant. Our customers can depend on us to deliver solid, strategic results.

Driven and Ambitious

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be better, and we’re always looking for opportunities. We bring this attitude to our relationships, helping our customers find opportunities in their own businesses and industries. No matter our client's goal, from meeting financial targets to changing internal cultures, we deliver measurable results and a process everyone can enjoy.

We’re not… 


We’re professional, but we’re human! We feel, we cheer, and we share in our clients’ success.


In a world of predictable marketing agencies, we have the confidence and creativity to innovate our way to the top.

Order takers

We’re here to collaborate with customers and provide genuine, thoughtful input to their projects. If we wanted to take orders, we’d work at Maccas.

Standoffish or arrogant

We’re confident, but we aren’t dicks. We value our relationships and we’re careful to never alienate our clients or make them feel foolish or ‘less than’.


Our industry is ever-changing, and we’re constantly learning and developing along with it. It’s all about finding ways to be better, deliver better outcomes, and stay on top of our game. Just like our customers, we’re driven and ambitious - we’re here to succeed, and we’re excited about the road ahead!

Our customers

Our customers

attraction studio foundations for growth seminar bianca presentationattraction studio foundations for growth seminar karl presentation


We speak with confidence

Handing over the reins of your business can be scary. We communicate with confidence and clarity, reassuring our customers that they’re putting their brand in the right hands.


We share our passion

Our industry is fun and fast-paced, with plenty of opportunities to make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. We bring clients along for the ride with engaging, enthusiastic (inspired) communications that let our excitement sparkle through.


We make them feel like part of the team

Customer relationships are everything! From collaborative planning to casual conversations, our customers are part of the wider Attraction Studio family. We take the time to listen to our clients, and our interactions are thoughtful and collaborative.


We treat them as equals

We admire our customers and their work, and we’re pretty excited that they’ve chosen us to be part of their brand journey. We meet customers at their level and incorporate their experiences, knowledge, and opinions.


We show them the bigger picture

Details are important, but we like to show our customers the bigger picture. Whether we’re talking about a single event or a full campaign, we show our customers where it fits in their overall strategy.

The Creative
Powerhouse Behind
Enviable Brands