Salon Parlour


Brand / Signage / Design / Print 

Salon Parlour came to us to as a new business in Christchurch, passionate about offering high quality, experienced beauty services.

Salon Parlour is a sophisticated and contemporary space, semi minimalist, clean, with natural elements for warmth. The brand meets this style using a sharp wordmark logo and clean, structured graphics to position them as a high end salon.

For branding the premises, we made an eye level strip across the whole frontage as the main focus. Choice of materials was very important.
The black canvas awnings had Salon Parlour's logo painted on.
A 3D lightbox with logo initials on the left corner attracts attention at night.
A soft blue frosting across the windows and a greyscale model photo printed on clear gives privacy and colour but maintains a subtle, luxury style. 
A 3D laser cut white acrylic logo on the window is a striking finishing touch.

We set up a single page website to represent them professionally pre opening.
Now that Salon Parlour is open and all that set up hustle is settled, we are working with them to build up the site.

Salon Parlour is New Zealands' first Matrix RAW flagship salon. 

Susie Chisnall and Becs Taulango

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