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Navigating the world of digital marketing can feel overwhelming, but thankfully there are plenty of tools out there that can help! 

We’ve done our best to find as many free tools as we can; please note that some tools may have a free trial period, or may have a limited amount of functionality (e.g. Answer the Public allows three free searches per day).

Tools and Resources

Brand Tools
Xtensio User Persona Template - Create audience profiles to define and understand your target customers.
Keyword Research
Ubersuggest - Find relevant keywords that you have an opportunity to rank highly for.
Answer The Public - Find out the questions people are asking about your product or service.
Other Handy Tools
QR Code Monkey - Free online platform to generate QR codes.
I Love IMG - Free tool to compress and resize images, with bulk image editing functionality.
Full Story - Website heatmap tool that shows how people use your website (14 day free trial).
Canva - Free image editing software with a good range of templates, perfect for making social media posts look professional.
Learn how to use Google Analytics - Free online training to become more familiar with Google Analytics.
Campaign URL Builder - Create unique links to make it easier to track the results of your advertising campaigns.
Website Checking
Website SEO Checker - Scan your site for errors that might be affecting your SEO.
SEO Spider - Scan your site for errors that might be affecting your SEO.
Website Speed Checker - Test how quickly your website loads.
Online Directory List - A collection of online directories where you can list your business.
Backlink Checker - Find out which other websites are currently linking to your website.
Social Media Tools
Social Media Planner - A ready-to-use spreadsheet to manage your social media content planning.
Days of the Year
- A comprehensive calendar of international "Days Of The..." to help with content ideas.
New Zealand Observances - Wikipedia page with a list of New Zealand specific dates (e.g. Daffodil Day, Te Wiki o te Reo Māori) to help with content planning.