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Case Study




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The Brief

Property Council
New Zealand

Property Council New Zealand engaged us to update their brand identity to reflect their refreshed organisational strategy and values, and help them launch their refreshed brand to the world.

The Process

Community, Authenticity, Leadership and Positivity.

We designed distinct logos for the sub-brands that represent different facets of their organisation. They're all subtly different to reflect the brand identities of each entity, but all tie back to the simplicity and connection of the primary PCNZ logo.

For the office and event signage design, we brainstormed the visual concepts associated with each of the client’s organisational values. We used elements from the client’s primary logo and sub-logos to represent these concepts in the final artwork.

To introduce the new brand to the PCNZ team, we wanted to give them something that felt welcoming and personal, and really expressed the refreshed brand values: Community, Authenticity, Leadership and Positivity. The finished pack includes a ceramic cup, notebook and updated business cards, all in packaging that mirrors the new PCNZ brand.

We commissioned handmade ceramic mugs, chose sustainable packaging options and used New Zealand strongwool to protect the products in transit. The strongwool we used was recycled from another Attraction Studio client sample - with their permission, of course!

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“We’d like to pay homage to Christchurch-based Attraction Studio, who worked within our limited budget to create a brand that is timeless and bold. To Bianca Punt, Tania McCoy, Rachael and the team – thank you, you are sensational and we loved working with you.”

— Property Council NZ