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Case Study




The Brief

Property Council
New Zealand

Property Council New Zealand engaged us to update their brand identity to reflect their refreshed organisational strategy and values, and help them launch their refreshed brand to the world.

To introduce the new brand to the PCNZ team, we wanted to give them something that felt welcoming and personal, and really expressed the refreshed brand values: Community, Authenticity, Leadership and Positivity. The finished pack includes a ceramic cup, notebook and updated business cards, all in packaging that mirrors the new PCNZ brand.

Brand Values

Community, Authenticity, Leadership and Positivity

PCNZ told us that the human need for connection is at the heart of what they do - building connections between members and external bodies, and within the membership itself. We expressed this purpose with dynamic graphic elements that create a gender/culture-neutral space to nurture connection.

The graphic elements in the primary PCNZ brand are used throughout the collection, representing the organisational values of Community, Authenticity, Leadership and Positivity.

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“We’d like to pay homage to Christchurch-based Attraction Studio, who worked within our limited budget to create a brand that is timeless and bold. To Bianca Punt, Tania McCoy, Rachael and the team – thank you, you are sensational and we loved working with you.”

— Property Council NZ