March 24, 2020


Types of Giveaways to use in your Marketing

Giveaways are perfect lead magnets, especially if done well.

Giveaways are perfect lead magnets, especially if done well.

They can help build your database and sell more products, or make more money from individual purchases. When coupled with 'value-added' marketing, giveaways are an affordable way to capture and hold a customer's attention over time.

Use giveaways to lay the foundation of loyal, lasting relationships, rather than being transactional.

Common Giveaways

Giveaways come in many forms. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Long-Form Educational Content e.g Ebooks or Whitepapers
  • Gated Video Content e.g webinars
  • Samples
  • Gift with Purchase


  • Great for packaging knowledge in an engaging way.
  • Offer the E-book in an exchange for users' email addresses.
  • Ideal length between 7-15 pages.


  • Most engaging content type!
  • Show the webinars or tutorials in an exchange for users’ email addresses.
  • Perfect for educating customers or to build a community especially if you have a forum or place for people to post comments about the videos.


  • Builds trust as customers can get a preview to what they're about to buy.
  • Give to customers that have purchased to cross-sell products

Gift with purchase

Who doesn’t love free items?

Gifts with purchases:

  • Need to relate to the business and add actual value to the original offering
  • Boost conversions
  • Upsell (especially if there’s a threshold the customer has to meet before they get the giveaway)
  • Are an easy way to move the slower-moving items

What’s not a giveaway - discounts!

It's fine to do discounts every once in a while however if you do it all the time or cave to every "Holiday" then it's likely your customers won't end up buying from you unless it's at the discounted price. You end up becoming a transactional brand. For example: Briscoes.

An Attractive giveaway can be that little push people need to turn into a customer. This is especially true if you build a sense of urgency around your giveaways as it will make people want them more.

What kind of giveaways are you using to attract leads?