How does content help promote your business?

March 24, 2020


How does content help promote your business?

You may have heard the expression content is king. But how does it actually support your business goals?

Content helps your SEO

What's the first thing you do when you have a problem and want a solution?

You'll probably Google for the answer, right?

By creating new content (that provides value to viewers) consistently on your website, you're signalling to the search engine that your website is fresh and well maintained - thus providing new and improved content to help your audience.

As your content helps to solve the problems of your leads and customers, you will rank higher and in the end, gain more traffic. When you're ranking higher in search engines, it also means you can spend less money on Google advertising to get those leads coming in.

How does content help promote your business?

Content Builds Brand Reputation and Awareness

When people read your content, they start to develop an opinion of your company. If you’re creating content that is engaging, educational, valuable and specific to the audience, they will grow trust and loyalty towards your business..

Good content is also sharable, which helps to create a bigger brand awareness.

(You can relate it to a busy restaurant attracting more customers than the empty one next door. That’s because the content (food/service) is what people are searching for, and a snowball effect happens - good content + traffic attracts more traffic)  

How does content help promote your business?

Content supports your customers and leads

Quality content helps support your customers and leads them through all stages of the buyers journey.

Awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy - the five stages all come with a different set of questions and require different matching content. As a brand you need to be ready to guide your leads through these different stages of the journey - with valuable content to answer any of their queries and have well-timed call-to-actions.

How does content help promote your business?

Helps your other marketing efforts

Email marketing, PPC ads, Social Media… all need awesome content.

For example; you want to launch an email marketing campaign that helps nurture your leads. What are you going to send them? You need to develop content for the email that helps take the reader to the next step in the funnel. You could re-use content you’ve already created in the past for your blog, editing to suit the email format.

To leverage the content even further, you could take certain pieces and turns those into social media content and targeted ads to just the right people.

Content marketing is the glue that binds all your marketing efforts together and makes them even more successful.

How does content help promote your business?

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