Facebook Ad Types

March 24, 2020


Facebook Ad Types

Naturally, this is how people discover new things, learn information, and make buying decisions.

People spend more time than ever on their phones, and 20% of that time is spent either on Facebook or Instagram. Naturally, this is how people discover new things, learn information, and make buying decisions.

To determine the best type of Facebook ad for your business, make sure you think about your objectives.

5 Facebook Marketing Ad Types

  • Single Image
  • Video
  • Messenger
  • Carousel
  • Collection
Facebook Ad Types

Single Image

Perfect for promotions or one off imagery especially for service based businesses or companies that don’t have a lot of products. It’s great at driving unique traffic to your website (new people to your website). Includes one simple call to action e.g learn more.

Facebook Ad Types


Tell your story with motion. We can create this using photos and text (Slideshow), or have an in-stream video ad that plays mid-roll in Facebook original content. This is the closest Facebook Ad type to TV ads.

Facebook Ad Types


The easiest way to take advantage of an inbox is through Facebook Messenger - unlike potential customer’s emails they are more likely to open and read the ad. People will see these ads in the messenger app - when they tap on an ad, they’ll be sent to the destination of your choice. It’s great for interacting with customers personally in order to get leads and answer any questions.

Even better messenger integrates with PayPal. The fewer steps they have to take, the better.

Facebook Ad Types


You can show up to 10 images, or videos in a single ad, each with its own link.

Perfect for businesses who have several items/products/services that relate to each other. Or you may want to showcase one product or service with several attributes.

(Instant Storefront/Instant Storytelling)

Expansion of the single photo or video ad. Perfect when you have a catalogue of products, have a main video or image and want to organise products most related to the potential customer. It’s a great way show a brand story as it shows off the style of products you stock.

Showcase your services or products to a highly targeted audience. It's one of the best channels to build awareness, community and gain customers. We know the little tricks for an effective ad, want more sales? Get in touch!

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