Businesses pivoting in Covid environment

September 1, 2020


Businesses pivoting in Covid environment

New Zealand businesses are struck with trying times as our Level 4 lockdown continues into its fifth week and Level 3 is met with a lot of restrictions.

While essential businesses are working to a new normal, innovative companies are adapting and finding new ways to keep the wheels of commerce turning. Here are some companies that have used their ingenuity to keep connected and adapted their mode of operation.

Businesses pivoting in Covid environment

O-Studio’s online operation

Through this time, O-Studio knows how important it is to keep connected, get better, have some fun and stay healthy in the body and mind. With the studio closed to the public, Tim Bateman and his team developed a service where they could bring their yoga and meditation classes to the virtual world, allowing enthusiasts and newcomers to follow along from the comfort of their living room.

O-Connect is kept up to date with new videos each week with a range of awesome teachers, so get ready to get your yoga on. You can join O-Connect for as little as $1 per week. You choose what you pay, O-Studio doubles that and puts it on your account for when they reopen.

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Businesses pivoting in Covid environment

Doors are open, metaphorically speaking

To lend a helping hand to those in our local community and beyond, we created our own online directory appropriately named Doors Are Open. Designed to feature essential and non-essential businesses that are still open during the various ‘alert levels’. Find out what products and services they’re still able to provide and get their contact details so you can get in touch with them directly.

In these extraordinary times, let’s look out for one another - after all, it’s what we do best!

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Businesses pivoting in Covid environment

What NZ’s Corporations done


In late March the NRL confirmed the 2020 season had been suspended indefinitely due to the impact of COVID-19 and the Vodafone Warriors returned home to go into self-isolation. As a result, promotional plans fell through for one of their sponsors; Best Foods. Unilever revived the hype by replacing game time with lunchtime and a digital dining experience via Facebook. Three players from the club's NRL squad are available each Saturday to engage with fans over lunch, sharing experiences in lockdown and discussing all things rugby league.

It's one small way to stay engaged with their fan base and help maintain social connections – despite social distancing and enables Best Foods to sustain its support of the Vodafone Warriors.


Businesses pivoting in Covid environment

Skin Institute

With health and wellbeing being the number one priority for the Skin Institute, they ensured to keep the vital skin cancer area of their business up and running utilising virtual services wherever possible for all of their patients. Patients can undertake a full skin or veins consultation from home using a private and secure video platform which enables the institute to carefully examine the skin via phone or laptop.

Virtual-appointments provide clients with another convenient and contact-free option. The Skin Institute plans to offer virtual appointments as an ongoing service for clients after the lockdown has lifted.


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