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3 Ways Your Database Can Boost Your Marketing



June 18, 2021

Successful businesses cultivate a loyal database of clients and potential clients. No matter what industry you are in, the service you provide, is not merely a transaction, but rather the start of an ongoing relationship. Even for companies that are in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, your customers can form a relationship with the brand rather than the product.

Your database is a gold mine of information. It can give you an understanding of who your past and current customers are, and an insight into who's likely to purchase from you in the future. By incorporating your database into your ongoing marketing, you're able to stay top of mind with past, current and potential customers. Plus, more importantly, you can make more money for less!

Here are a few ideas on how to maximise your marketing with your database;

Personalised Email Communication

With direct access to the contact's inbox, you can communicate with those that have already interacted with your business and shown an interest in what you do. Email still drives the highest Return on Income out of all B2B marketing strategies. On average, businesses can earn $44 for every dollar spent on email marketing.

Their past purchase behaviours and demographics can help influence what emails they get from you. Create a consistent email marketing strategy to stay top of mind with your database, and remind them of what your company provides. You could share special offers, your latest blog posts, client testimonials, and any other information that is useful to them. You can even inject a little bit of personalisation by just adding their name - this can make a big difference.

Targeted Social Ads

Social advertising is a powerful way to amplify your efforts on social media and expand your customer base. Spending money without targeting the right audience isn't a smart move.

Make sure you upload your database as a .csv file to Facebook. From there, you can create a custom audience using their email address for future ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. You can also create a "Lookalike audience" . This audience is filled with people who have similar demographic attributes and psychographic attributes (their likes/interests etc) as your database, and therefore more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

You can also create adverts based on people who have shown interest but never converted. If you already have a list of prospects in your database then great, you can target an advert directly to them. You can also use your "website" database, where you have tracked the people that have interacted with your website but never converted. For example an eCommerce website that has had someone add a product to their cart but did not purchase it. You can create an advert that targets those potential customers, as they're more likely to purchase than someone who has never been to your site.

Ask your Customer Database for Reviews or Referrals

Having your happy customers share their experience to others is a really smart way of marketing your business. By getting your customers to talk about you, you’re instantly generating word of mouth referrals about your business and building trust, which we all know is the best way to market yourself, especially in New Zealand.

Getting them to do it online is even better. They can tell thousands of people a month how great their experience was. Send your customers a Google My Business link to help showcase those reviews to more people instantly and boost your website's Search Engine Optimisation at the same time.

If you need any help with your database marketing, contact us.