Cloud 9 Float Club


Brand / Signage / Design / Print / Merchandise

Cloud 9 Float Club is a company focused on creating a haven for ultimate relaxation, self improvement and wellness. 

Tim and Laura came to us to reflect their vision in a modern, calm, fresh brand that relaxes and intrigues.

We have worked with Cloud 9 Float Club from the birth of the brand, right through to their website, marketing materials and merchandise and taking care of their signage on both their vehicle and building.
The interior designers said that the brand essence and style was so clear through what we had created that it made their process and decision making easy. 

Logo & brand style guide

Website with e-commerce and and integrated booking system 

Premises branding - external and internal signage and display:
- Halo lit exterior logo sign
- 3D lettering and large printed sign
- Photographic art with inspirational quotes printed on glass and mounted in float rooms and on doors
- Custom artwork for groom room

Vehicle graphics


T-Shirts and merchandise 

Business cards and karma cards

Vouchers and flyers

Banners for trailer and trade show 


"We have been working with Bianca and Tania at Attraction Studio for 4 months now and we couldn't be happier. We were blown away by how well they were able to capture exactly what we are about through the branding process and since then they constantly impressed us with both their talent and work ethic. They have created some amazing stuff for us already and we can't wait to see what's next!"

Laura, Cloud 9 Float Club

Tim and Laura Bateman

Shower glass printed frosting  waterfall photo
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