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Julia Heywood
Adele Harrison


Web Design


The Phi Cosmeceutical range is the vision of Julia and Adele and embodies the vitality of Christchurch. Made in Christchurch – The Phi Cosmeceutical range is formulated by Julia and Adele in collaboration with a manufacturing specialist of beauty products in Christchurch.


Client wanted something simple and elegant to represent their brand. We went with a typographical logo with a simple design to the 'P' to give a design flair.

phi cosmeceutical products

Julia and Adele had a goal in mind, they wanted a sleek and clean design which represented their identity as a luxury brand, while creating
a formula that makes customers feel luxurious. All with the emphasises on the science behind health and beauty.

phi cosmeceutical homepage website


Their website is a perfect example of brand consistency. With clean lines, and a monochromatic colour pallet.

phi cosmeceutical tablet website

When Julia and Adele found it hard to source, effective, cosmeceutical skincare products for their clients at KM Surgical, they did the Kiwi thing and decided to make their own high quality cosmeceutical.

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