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O Studio is a wellness centre in Christchurch, located at The Welder; a health & wellbeing complex. They provide services from Yoga, Massage and much more. This project was taken on by our team to develop a brand and identity with the goal to create a space of focus, awareness, action and acceptance.

Pantone: 5545 C
CMYK: 75, 41, 63, 24
RGB: 65, 105, 91
HTML: 41695B
Pantone: 7608 C
CMYK: 24, 82, 77, 15
RGB: 168, 72, 61
HTML: A8483D

Brand Colors

The colours chosen for the brand come from the Māori creation story.
Green represents Tāne Mahuta and symbolises determination, resilience, strength and transformation.
Red represents Papatūānuku, the earth-mother, the sustainer of all living things, and symbolises nourishment, growth, emotion, intellect and spiritual awareness. Earthy versions of these colours are used for their calm, warm energy.


The "O" sign in the reception area has a light that rotates around the sign symbolising personal growth and 'filling the cup' being a constant but enlightening process.

The entry sign is filled with living plants and backlit, highlighting O-Studio's motivational tagline "Own the moment". Our brief was to design an Insta-moment for people to take photos with and share online.

The O-Studio space designed by Establish Studio has strategically utilised colour and materials to shift customer’s emotional and physical state in each room respectively.


The O Studio website was created for people to find out more about their services and book through a third party app which was incorporated through timetabling and scheduling.


Thank you Attraction for all your help on our project! These guys have really smashed it, honestly.

The reception we're getting on social media is AMAZING - all the work they have done with us is speaking so well to our audience!

Getting the website done in such a short time frame and still finding time to outline the really important brand guidelines for facebook this week was so cool! And Bianca getting the flyers done and hand delivered - just awesome!

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