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Fix’d property maintenance is a local Christchurch property maintenance company. They provide a complete range of property and building maintenance across residential and commercial properties. Fix’d had previously been running their PPC through Google’s Adwords Express, like many small business owners. The average cost per conversion was however $90.23.

To increase the number of customers and lower the average cost per conversion on the PPC campaigns.

The Strategy

Adwords express was stopped immediately. Why? Because Adwords express makes overarching assumptions on your business. You don’t get to pick your keywords, your keywords are broad matched, your adverts go everywhere, there’s very little info or control and you can’t track conversions. For example, this means that if you’re a car mechanic and you bid on Christchurch Car Mechanic, your advert may display for ‘becoming a car mechanic’.

We quickly created a Google Ad Campaign (formally known as Google Adwords). We focussed on the customer’s search intent for keywords and re-wrote the advert copy.

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Conversions increased from an average 1.4 customers per month to 9. 
Search intent. This had a huge impact on their campaigns. If you want to make sales, make sure you’re targeting people who are ready to purchase and make it simple for them to do so. The easier you make it for them to find and purchase when they’re looking for a solution to a problem, the more likely they are to buy right then and there.

The average cost per conversion on average decreased by 87%.
 Daily optimisation. Small tweaks to campaigns make big differences, but it takes some work to find them. We analyse campaigns to get the most out of them. Sometimes changing one word makes a massive difference. It’s all about finding what makes people click, and who is ready to purchase versus those who need a bit more convincing.

The end result

A happy client with a cost effective campaign - on average they earn $1 in sales for every $0.03 of Google Ad Budget Spent.

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