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The brief was to increase the number of high quality leads and therefore customers through digital marketing. Ferguson Builders form fantastic relationships with their customers, it’s a natural requirement when building a home. It’s highly personal. To start the relationship right, before any work commences, the touch-points needed to reflect Ferguson Builders.


As part of the first stage we created a website that is sophisticated and clean to let photos of their work shine through. It needed to be appealing to the family home owner and architects.

ferguson builders mobile mockup
ferguson builders desktop website

We then workshopped a social media strategy and blog SEO techniques, with the aim of increasing awareness especially in the Queenstown area. Ferguson Builders content needed to reflect their warmth while showcasing their deep understanding and knowledge of architectural builds for the Queenstown climate. A Google Ad campaign was also started with a strong focus on the potential customer’s search intent for keywords.

ferguson builders folder

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